ORLANDO, Fla.–The Women’s Edge has for the second consecutive year named Central Florida Cares Health System CEO Maria Bledsoe a Top 100 Women in Business. Ms. Bledsoe is the President of the Florida Association of Managing Entities.

The Women’s Edge is a non-profit organization committed to advancing all women in leadership positions. This year’s honorees represent a diverse range of fields, spanning education, healthcare, travel & hospitality, finance, and more, illustrating the breadth of women’s leadership across the Sunshine State.

“I’m honored to have been named a ‘Top 100 Women in Business’ by The Women’s Edge. It’s truly a privilege to serve as the CEO of one of Florida’s seven Behavioral Health Managing Entities that work every day to connect Floridians in-need with the behavioral health services they need to thrive,” said Central Florida Cares CEO Maria Bledsoe.

Florida’s seven local Managing Entities work with a network of over 300 behavioral health care providers that deliver services to over 2 million Floridians, including children, expectant mothers, veterans, and the chronically homeless. Providers meet patients’ diverse needs with “wraparound services” that not only address mental health issues and substance abuse, but also assist with care coordination, housing, transportation, and employment. Community boards administer, manage, and ensure accountability of state and federal funds for behavioral health services, keeping oversight, transparency and accountability closest to the people they serve.