Who We Are

The Florida Association of Managing Entities (FAME) consists of the seven Managing Entities around the state and the FAME Chief Executive Officer. FAME’s mission is to educate, promote, facilitate, collaborate, and advance the behavioral health recovery of individuals and their families in Florida.

Managing Entities are local, not-for-profit organizations with community boards that oversee the state and federal substance abuse and mental health (SAMH) system of care across Florida. The Florida Department of Children and Families contracts with the seven Managing Entities to ensure accountability of state and federal funds dedicated for substance abuse and mental health services.

Managing Entities bring together community stakeholders and providers to assess, plan, allocate, and monitor the care system for Florida’s most vulnerable population. This is Florida’s behavioral health safety net system. The Managing Entities leverage local resources and bring additional support to the system to effectively meet the unique and specific behavioral health needs of Florida’s 67 counties.

Managing Entities create stability amid ever-changing state government leadership, acting as brokers between the state and private or not-for-profit behavioral health provider organizations. As an integrated member of the community, each Managing Entity ensures that the system of care is available and accessible when needed, holds service providers accountable for quality service delivery, and manages funding to the highest degree of fidelity. Managing Entities fund various treatment levels, including prevention, intervention, crisis support, opioid, medication-assisted treatment, residential treatment, and outpatient services for adults, children, and families.

Managing Entities work across systems of care, including child welfare, local governments, law enforcement, private care, state hospitals, courts, the Department of Corrections, the Department of Juvenile Justice, and school districts.